God Hates Religion

I believe God hates religion.
Yes, I said it. Think about it, religion is another way of saying we don’t need God for salvation. We can do it by ‘being good’. So why do we prop up things like Christianity? Church buildings? Grape juice? For what? The Church is in our homes and community, and God dwells within each of us.
Now when I say religion, I don’t mean the idea of believing in God. Not at all, God said He wrote the law in our hearts (Jer 31:33) and that we would no longer need to teach one another because of it (31:34). If that is the case, and we as ‘Christians’ believe Jesus was the Messiah. What are we really doing here?
What is this ‘Church’ thing in America really about? If the law is in us as well as His Spirit, then the religion we are pushing must be the one that involves systematic, man-made ways of ‘saving’ people and working our way into heaven. Tribalism forms, clubhouses are made. That’s where we find ourselves today. Not so different from what was going on back in Jesus’ time.
This type of attitude always leads to discrimination against those who seem less than Holy, which is exactly what Jesus was against us doing. Does anyone else find it odd that the most heated arguments Jesus had were with the religious leaders?
So please, PLEASE. Stop telling people they need to go to church or they are going to hell. Instead, tell them they are the church and show them the amazing things you can do for others when you realize this. It’s not about a building. I repeat. IT’S NOT ABOUT A BUILDING. That one was for the ones in the back.

Thank you.

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