Prayer for the Abandon. (Prayer Request)

Father, turn and hear this prayer for the one that feels excluded or alone in days of trial. The storms will come and indeed, some are here now. We know that even you bring the mighty storm at times. Yet, we thank you for your overflowing mercy and abundant grace. For you promised you would not abandon anyone forever Lord. In this we have put our hope and faith. We pray for this promise to be set in the heart of the one in need, so they too can share with us in this hope, that we may strengthen each other in our faith for you, feeding off of each other’s hope so that we stand strong in our testimony of your glorious salvation set aside for us from the beginning concerning our original fall. Reconciling ourselves to you through faith in the works you have done for us through Christ Jesus your Son in whom is our eternal salvation. Christ Jesus is the name in which we pray. AMEN.

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